ThyssenKrupp Test Tower

ThyssenKrupp Test Tower - Rope Access installing services

We provided rope access installing services for project ThyssenKrupp Test Tower.
ThyssenKrupp Test Tower - Rope Access Installing Services
Location: Rotweill

Our work consisted in installing two ring platforms ( scaffolding elevators ) which were composed from several steel pieces.The scaffolding elevators facilitated the access of the team up to 230 m just to make easier and faster th next installling steps: concrete drills, installing the anchor, the steel structure for finish with the tensile membrane which is the first time installed on this type of structure.

  • Rigging and Lifiting
  • Steel structure installation & alignment
  • Concrete drilling with heavy tools & Bolts installation
  • Safety nets for ring scaffolding.
  • Scaffolding floor and railing installation