Lusail Sports Arena Qatar

Lusail Sports Arena Roof & Facade Installing

Lusail Sports Arena is an indoor sports arena in Lusail, Qatar. It is built to host matches of the 2015 World Men's Handball Championship.
Lusail Sports Arena - Installing roof and facade
Location: Qatar

Was a big project for us with a concentration of more than 150 people where were involved 70 people that represented the rope access staff and 80 people that represented the general workers. During the entire period of six months, our team passed through all roof construction steps: beams installing, glazing installing, aluminium panels installing, installing gutter & mineral wool, mastic sealant & EPDM insulation, panel frame gutters, brackets & leds.

  • Over 40.000 pcs aluminium triangles panel installed
  • Glazing works over 2000 pcs
  • Frame panel gutters over 5000 pcs
  • Over 200.000 meters mastic sealant
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • EPDM & Sealant sillicone insulation
  • Safety railing, brackets with LED & anchor, other miscellaneous works

Day shifts

Night shifts