Our company

Every new project for us is a new challenge therefore our main objective is to ensure for our customers Clever & Eficient Solutions at height.

Trusted Partner

Rope Access Pro is a reliable partner which provides for our clients Trusted & Safety Services.

Various Skill

We can solve all type of problems at height with the help of our skilled rope access technicians.

Reliable Consulting

Give us your problem at height and we will return you our efficent and smart solution.

Flexibile Services

For atypical problems at height we offer custom-made solutions to solve any type of issue.

Who is Rope Access Pro ?

Challenge, Ambition and Passion are words which we were born.

We are a company established from a group of experimented climbers in working at height and we decided to unite our experience under a single enitity - Rope Acces Pro.

The past experience showed us that the foundation for a work well done is a good communication before other skills qualities which can be learned in time.

That's why we created a united team composed from experimented members which can complemented each other with the purpose to obtain efficency work at height.

Our Mission on market

We offer you only the results expected.
Our company is directly interested in offering efficient and quality services at height which can generate a long-term collaboration and a solid partnership.

That's why our company recruits first-class employees from Rope Access industry with good work abilities, efficient which respect the rules imposed by Irata standards.

The seriousness, safety, good organization, competitiveness and professionalism are the main reasons which motivate and give us the courage to offer for our customers the results they expect from a serious company from Rope Access industry.

We respect our work.

Our guiding principals

  • Stay Safety is our gold rule.
  • Reliable & Flexible partnership.
  • High Quality Services.
  • Efficiency & Dynamics.
  • Good Ratio Quality vs Price.
  • First-class Employees.
The principles make the difference.
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